I'm Liz Lara. I'm a UX Developer and Illustrator.

I work out of Atlanta, Ga.


I have a broad range of styles, from high fantasy to icon design. Illustrations can be an important part of emotional design in an interface, or a project with impact all its own.


I build design systems to help teams focus on the problems unique to a product. I specialize in user-centric design thinking. After getting to know the users, I iterate through wireframes to find the best flow for them, and pair that with a visual design aesthetic that suits the audience and product.


I make websites in HTML5/CSS3 playing with new front-end dev tools all the time. It's a beautiful time to be making the web. I use Gulp, SCSS/Stylus, and front-end frameworks like Angular and React to make development more productive and powerful.


“I love to wow myself (and others) with simplicity.”

I grew up in a very artistic family, surrounded by creativity. My dad is a sculptor and painter (among many other creative things) and the rest of the family followed our creative genes to many different branches of creative endeavors, from software development, to music, and of course, design.

I began designing in my teens for primarily print and apparell. I loved it. I didn’t really have a computer until I was 14 (the dark ages), but ever since I first created a geocities site with my favorite panda pictures, I have been designing websites. The web has evolved very much since then. I love to wow myself (and others) with simplicity. I like clean code and little details that bring things to life. I sweat the small stuff.

Aside from my passion for design, I also paint, make illustrations, and develop web apps using Ruby on Rails. I work with clients from all over the world spanning a huge spectrum of business domains, and spend my days at Deloitte as a champion for user experience in their innovation lab.

So, now that you’re up to speed with what I’m about, it’d be a shame to get behind on what’s up with Liz in the future. Sign up to my very sporadic newsletter for earth- shattering updates.




Some of my most recent work. Look around. Stay a while.

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